How to: Design a Bounding Box Job


To create an image annotation bounding box job in the Graphical Editor

  1. Start with the bounding box template or blank job
  2. Upload data with a column of URLs linking to images to be labeled
  3. On the Design step, select “Add Question"
  4. On the sidebar, select Bounding Box
  5. Select the column corresponding to images from the dropdown
  6. Determine your settings for min, max, and default box width and height (in that order). Default value for these settings are: min(10,10); max(1000,1000)
    • Min and Max: If you know that you don't want very large or very small boxes, set this to restrict contributors from creating boxes that exceed that threshold
    • default_box_sze.png
  7. Set Allow No Boxes - Enabled by default
    • This adds a button to the tool which allows contributors to click 'Nothing to Box' and submit with no boxes. If this is not checked, each image must contain at least one box
  8. Set your Question Threshold (Optional)
    • If you are using test questions and would like to set the test question threshold, select "Advanced Options" and set a value between 0 and 100% (recommended - 85%). This sets the average percentage of overlap that contributor boxes must match the boxes
  9. Design, add instructions and save job
  10. Create Test Questions



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