Guide to: Hosting Secure Images and Data

Here are best practices and key S3 features for keeping data secure:

  • HTTP Referrer headers:

    1. Are pieces of code which create a security policy and only allow certain users the ability to access a domain. For example, you can set restrictions to only allow people from a ‘’ domain to see the content in a bucket.
    2. Here are the HTTP referrer headers for Figure Eight:
    3. To enable:
      1. Go to Permissions > Bucket PolicyBucket_Policy.jpg
      2. Add following code with specific referrer headers you’d like to accept:
      3. "Condition": {

                                     "StringLike": {

                                     "aws:Referer": [



  • Keep the login credentials secure via password protected policy (ex. LastPass)

  • Enable expiring images and Data:

    • Go to “Management”
      1. Add lifecycle rule:Lifecycle_rule.jpg
      2. Enter a Rule Name:Screen_Shot_2017-10-09_at_4.42.06_PM.png
      3. Select the current version:Current_Verison.jpg
      4. In the current version, set expiration after x days:Screen_Shot_2017-10-09_at_4.42.25_PM.png
      5. Review, Save:


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