How to: Add Data

The Data page allows you to upload data before building your job. It is the first page you will see after clicking the Create Job button on your Figure Eight Jobs Dashboard. Test questions can also be uploaded as data on this page, please see this article for more information.


There are 2 ways to add data to your job: Data File Upload and Importing from Twitter as seen below.


Fig. 1: Data Upload options

Data File

To upload a data file, click Browse and select a file to upload. You can also drag and drop a file directly into the page. After upload, the data will be visible in the data tab.

What kind of formats are acceptable?

You must use an UTF-8 encoded .CSV file when uploading data to Figure Eight. .TSV, .XLSX, and .ODS file formats are also acceptable and require UTF-8 encoding. All data files should have a column header for each column.  


Import Tweets from Twitter

On the Data page, you have the option to pull data into your job from Twitter. Type in a search term in the box provided, then "Import Tweets". The data will then be automatically loaded into your job.


Start a job without data

For surveys, click the "Create a survey" button under the Data upload option. By default, one blank unit will appear in your dataset if you choose "Create a survey".



Example Source Data

Attached to this article you will find three examples of source data:

  • URL Find
  • Image Moderation
  • Sentiment Analysis

Download the attachments to see example file formats and layouts.




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