Using Figure Eight's Internal Channel Option


Figure Eight offers you access to the world’s largest pool of On-Demand Contributors.  However, in certain cases you may only want your own internal team - or a private crowd that you have selected - to work on your task.  Figure Eight has a way to send your job exclusively to this team.  We call this channel, “Internal Contributors.”


When should I use the Internal Contributors?

If your job requires highly specialized skills that most people may not possess, or if you need to communicate extensively with your contributors before, during, and after your job’s lifespan, you may want to consider using the Internal Contributors option.
Figure Eight is continually developing new specialized (or skilled) crowds. To date, we have a multi-tiered vetted crowd known for excellent work, several language-specialized crowds, our own NDA crowd, and strong geographical targeting abilities, so if you're uncertain about whether or not to use your own Internal Contributors,  be sure to check in with us: we may just have the crowd you need.


How do I edit settings for the Internal Contributors?

You can enable your internal contributors by clicking on  Settings (right navigation) and checking Internal Contributors.


Fig. 1: Channels Page with the Internal Contributors channel enabled

Note:  Be sure to change the “External Contributors” switch to “Off” at this time if you don’t want Figure Eight's crowd to work on your job.
When using the Internal Contributors channel, all of your job settings, such as Judgments per Row, Rows per Page, and Geography, will be preserved, so make sure that your job is set appropriately for your internal team.  The one exception here is payment: your Internal Contributors will not receive payment via the CrowdFlower platform.


Note: Be sure to launch the job or else you will receive a "There is no work current available in this task." error.

How do I work on a job as an Internal Contributor?

To perform work as an Internal Contributor, you will need to join Figure Eight as a contributor by signing up here:

Once you have signed up, sign in to your contributor account to get started. If you don’t have a team account on the Figure Eight platform, the job’s owner will need to share a link with you directly once the job is launched.

If you do have platform access, you will be able to find a link to work on your job through the internal channel on either the Monitor page once the job is launched, or by going to Settings > Contributors > Channels and looking next to the checkbox for the Internal Contributors.


Fig. 2: Monitor Page with Internal Channel link



Fig. 3: Contributors > Channels Page with Internal Channel link

 Note:  Be sure to launch the job or else you will receive a "There is no work current available in this task." error.

What do I do when members of my internal team have problems accessing my job?

When an internal contributor has dropped below the minimum required accuracy:  

  1. Ask the team member for their contributor ID
  2. Visit Contributors and search for their ID (you can also simply append their ID to the URL path[job ID]/contributors/[Contributor ID] to access their page directly) Contributor_Search.jpgFig. 4: Contributors Page
  3. Review and “forgive” missed test questions as needed at the bottom of their contributor page.  Doing so will automatically  raise the individual’s accuracy accordingly
    Forgive.jpgFig. 5: Forgive Missed Test Quetions


When an internal contributor is denied access to a task due to country restrictions:

  1. Visit Settings > Geography/Language.
  2. Remove any unneeded geography restrictions and save.
  3. Ask your team member to reload the link you have provided them.

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