Guide To: Contributors Channels Page

The Contributors Channels section is used to control which contributors will be able to work on a job. The Contributors page is located in Settings > Contributors. It contains three options: launch the job internally, externally or both. Channels_page.jpg

Fig. 1: Contributor Channels page


The Internal Channel option is useful for testing the job from the perspective of a contributor, completing remaining pending judgements in a specific job, or distributing work to an internal workforce. Only people with the internal job link are able to access and work in the job. To share the job with an internal workforce, copy the link underneath Link To Share and distribute it to those who will be working in the job. Even though the job has payment settings shown, Figure Eight will not distribute payment for work completed through the internal channel. To only enable the Internal Channel make sure to uncheck the External Channel box.  See this article for more information about the Internal Channel Option.


Fig. 2: Allowing Only Internal Contributors to Access The Job


If the External Channel option is enabled, the job will be released to the external channels. By clicking on the 'Select Channels' button, it will show a list of contributor channels that the job can be launched to. To target to specific channels, use the checkboxes to enable or disable each individual channel. See this article for more information on how to target contributors who are in specific countries or who speak a certain language. 


Fig. 3: Displaying the Contributor Channels for External Contributors


Note: If the job contains explicit content check ‘Job contains explicit content’ setting and the channel section will automatically adjust so the job will only be sent to channels that accept adult content. After checking the explicit content box, do not adjust the channels.

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