How to Set Up Automatic Credit Card Payments


Setting up automatic payments on the Figure Eight platform is fast, simple and ensures that you can launch and run jobs at the volume you need without pausing to replenish your account funds.


To set up an automatic credit card payment you will need to select the credit card you’d like to use and follow the following six steps:


    1. Log in to Figure Eight
    2. Hover over your screen name in the top right corner of the page and select “Account”
    3. Click the “Add Funds” button on your account


    4. Fill in the form displayed with your credit card information
    5. Select “Automatic Payments”


  1. Set the replenishment amount - this is the amount of money you want to add into your account every time your card is billed. This event will happen when the available balance of your account (or team) falls below 10% of the replenishment amount.


As an example, take a look at the image below. Mr. Data wants to add $150 dollars to his account every time his account balance falls below $15. This is based on the available funds in his team, and excludes any funds in progress reserved for already running jobs.


If you are part of a team and set up automatic billing, all of the funds will be associated with the entire team and available for team use. However, only the user that has automatic payments enabled will trigger the payment. Once the payment has been triggered, the entire team can use the funds. 


There are two additional things you will need to keep in mind when setting up automatic payments. Selecting Automatic Payments will also select “Remember Card”, since your payment information will need to be kept on file for the next automatic transaction. You will also need to add funds to your account at the time of setting up automatic payments in order to verify the credit card information. You may add any funds you need now or only add a small amount.


A record of all your transactions is available on the main account page, made visible by selecting the “View Purchase History” link.


For questions with billing, reserved funds, launching jobs or anything else reach out to your dedicated Account Strategist or


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