Overview to Calibrating Settings and Understanding Results

Calibrating settings and knowing which settings to adjust can seem overwhelming. We completely understand, which is why we have provided some quick guides about Figure Eight's quality control mechanisms and settings for you. Read on for a better explanation on the different quality mechanisms we offer.

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Understanding Test Questions

Test Questions are one of the strongest quality control mechanisms that Figure Eight offers, and learning how to utilize and create Test Questions will feel natural after reading this guide. Already know how Test Questions work? We've provided a best practices guide to highlight the characteristics of great Test Questions.

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Adjusting Job Settings

Before launching your job, make sure to calibrate your settings and check that all your settings are adjusted correctly with the Job Launch Checklist. We've configured the platform so that the main settings you should adjust are on the Job Settings page, but feel free to browse the other settings we offer, such as geography and language and rate limit settings.

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Contributors - Get to Know The Crowd

Curious about who the contributors are? You can view the contributors who work on your job on the Active Contributors page to see an individual's quality of work and his/her answers.

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Monitoring Your Jobs

Monitoring your job is one of the important parts of making sure you receive high quality results from your job. We have provided some tips and tricks on how to monitor and adjust your job while it's running. Viewing the job's Dashboard page is also helpful when monitoring your job because it allows you to view the completion percentage, quality of test questions, and cost of your job. Take a look at the Advanced Analytics page while your job is running to gain a better insight on the quality of the data, answer distributions, and contributor activity.

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Getting and Understanding Results

Now that your job is complete, you will want to view your results by downloading the aggregated report from the Results page, where all report columns and download settings are explained. Curious about how costs are calculated? We explain what goes into the job cost in this article.

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