Release Notes | March 2015

Mar 30, 2015

  • Released a recommended test question amount in the Test Question Creation interface. The number is shown when creating a new test question on the platform.
    • The recommended amount is calculated according to the amount of data uploaded to the job and the job's settings
  • Released a Tweet Import feature. You can now dynamically search Twitter for a given phrase, user, or hashtag, and import 100 matching tweets into your job. The data inputted in your job will contain the following information:
    • Author's username
    • Tweet's creation date and time
    • Tweet content
    • Tweet ID
    • Author's location (if available)
    • "Favorited" Count
    • "Retweeted" Count
    • Author's time zone (if available)


Mar 23, 2015

  • Added "Cost" and "Funds in Progress" columns on the "Your Jobs" account page
    • "Cost" represents the current cost of the job
    • "Funds in Progress" represents the funds reserved until the completion or cancellation of the job


Mar 16, 2015

  • Released a 100 row launch recommendation message for the first launch of a job. This allows you to test your job with a small amount of units prior to launching all of your data.
    • The recommended first launch number is either the lesser of 100 rows or all rows in the job


Mar 9, 2015

  • Set aggregation settings in the Results Settings tab. You can now select the type of aggregation you need for each question. Aggregations you can use are:
    • Best Answer ('agg') - Returns the highest confidence response
    • All Answers ('all') - Returns every single response inputted
    • Numeric Average ('avg') - Returns a numeric average calculated based on all responses
    • Top # Answers ('agg_x') - Returns the top 'x' responses
    • Confidence Aggregation ('cagg_x') - Returns the answers that are above 'x' confidence (number between 0 and 1)


Mar 2, 2015

  • Released the new "Data For Everyone" pricing plan. "Data For Everyone" is our open data initiative and is perfect for academics, researchers, early stage startups or any organization who wants to share their knowledge with the community. Data will be made available for anyone to access, use and share. Highlights of the plan include:
    • Share your data with the community
    • Pay no annual license fee
    • Only pay contributors fees with a small markup
    To learn more about the plan, please view this blog post.
  • Disabled the "Save and Create Another" button for an empty test question in the Test Question creation interface


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