Guide to: Embedding a Video

Embedding a video in your job is simple! All you need to do is include the following snippet of code in the job's CML:


<iframe src="{{video_url}}" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  • {{video_url}} references the column in your uploaded data that contains a list of video URLs. Be sure to change the variable name to match the column header in your file. The video must be linked from a secure https:// site
    • The URL must be the embeddable version of the video link. For YouTube links, the embeddable URL will look something like the following:
  • width is the width of the iframe in pixels
  • height is the height of the iframe in pixels
  • frameborder references whether or not a border is present around the video. Designate "1" for a border or "0" for no border.


You can access the CML of your job by selecting "Code Editor" in the "Build Job" section.

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