How to Use: Column Mapper

Templates are extremely helpful to use and cover many use cases for the Figure Eight platform. They contain example CML and instructions that can be customized, but sometimes the CML data references do not match the dataset we want to upload to the platform.

The Column Mapper feature allows us to map the uploaded data column headers to the CML data references in the template quickly, instead of manually changing each one.

Here are the steps to using the Column Mapper:

  1. Select a template from

  2. Upload your data on our Data page (see How to Format Data for Uploading)

  3. Go to the Design page and see the Column Mapper interface pop up

  4. Drag and drop the columns you would like mapped to the template

  5. Click 'Save Mapping'

You can then check the template with your data mapped. Preview the job to make sure the data is where you would like. After mapping, the data will reflect the uploaded column headers instead of the template data references. Here are a few examples of what you will see:

The template data included "address_line_1" while our data had "address", here are screen shots from before and after:






If you are unsure you would like to use the mapper, click the X at the top right corner. Do not select 'Skip' unless you are certain you would not like to use it for this job. 

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