Design - Graphical Editor

Lesson Overview:

  • This lesson is centered around building a user interface to allow contributors to interact and enrich your data.
  • Using the column header mapper allows you to easily match the column headers from your source data to the column headers that are already built into the job template.
  • The Graphical Editor allows you to create or modify a job - Title, Instructions, Insert Data, and generate Form Questions without typing any code.

Steps to Complete

  1. Click on ‘Next:Design Your Job’
  2. Map the column headers ‘author’ and ‘tweet_content’ to the column headers in the template
  3. Update the job title to Judge the Sentiment of Airline Tweets
  4. Update the first question by replacing ‘CUSTOMIZE TOPIC’ with ‘American Airlines’
  5. Add a textbox (single line)’ that asks, ‘How many likes does this tweet have?’
  6. Add ‘logic’ so that the text box only appears if the ‘relevant’ question is answered ‘yes’.
  7. Add an integer validator to the textbox

Further Reading

Next Lesson: Design - Instructions

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