Design - Graphical Editor

Lesson Overview:

    • This lesson is centered around building a user interface to allow contributors to interact and enrich your data.
    • Using the column header mapper allows you to easily match the column headers from your source data to the column headers that are already built into the job template.
    • The Graphical Editor allows you to create or modify a job - Title, Instructions, Insert Data, and generate Form Questions without typing any code.

Steps to Complete:

  1. Click on ‘Next: Design Your Job’
  2. Map the column headers ‘tweet_url’ and ‘tweet_content’ to the column headers in the template
  3. Update the job title to Sentiment Analysis
  4. Update the first question by replacing ‘MLB trade rumors’ with ‘American Airlines’
  5. Add a multiple choice question ‘Is there an airport code mentioned in the tweet?’
  6. Add a textbox (single line)’ that asks, ‘Enter the Airport Code:’
  7. Add ‘logic’ so that the text box only appears if the ‘airport_code’ question is answered ‘yes’.
  8. Add an ‘alpha’ validator to the textbox
  9. Add ‘uppercase’ and ‘no whitespace’ clean outputs to the textbox

Next Lesson: Design - Instructions

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