Guide To: Ontology Manager for Pixel Labeling

The ontology manager allows job owners to create and edit the ontology within an image annotation job. When using the CML tag for pixel labeling semantic segmentation, you will be prompted to create an ontology from the design page of the job. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for access to this CML. There are two ways to create an ontology:

Creating an ontology via the UI

You can create and edit an ontology using the ontology manager within the job. On this page you’ll see four columns: color, title, description, and output.


Fig. 1: Ontology Manager

  • Color defaults to a randomly selected value, but can be customized using a hex selector by clicking on the arrow next to the color.
  • Title is a required field. This is the name of the class in the ontology; it’s what contributors will see when annotating an image.
  • Description is optional. This gives contributors a brief, inline description of a class.
  • Output defaults to ascending order. You can customize the output value using a number between 1 and 255, no duplicates.

Actions within the ontology manager:

  1. To add a new class, click ‘Add Class’. This will insert another row below the last class created.
  2. To delete a class, hover over its row in the table and click the trash icon to the right.
  3. Once you’ve created your ontology, click ‘Save’.

Note: To edit the color, title, description, and output value for each class click on the pencil icon

Creating an ontology via CSV upload

You can also create an ontology by uploading a CSV. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a UTF-8 encoded CSV with your ontology. You’ll need the following column headers:
    • display_color (requires a hex code)
    • description
    • class_name
    • output_value


Fig. 2: CSV with Ontology Data

  1. Click ‘upload’ from the ontology manager.
  2. You can either drag your file in or upload it using the file selector. Once you’ve chosen your file, your ontology will be reflected in the UI.

To see how this ontology will look for contributors, preview the job:


Fig. 3: Preview of Pixel Label tool


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