Workflows (Beta) Feature

Workflows help automate multi-job processes through Figure Eight’s UI using logic based routing rules between jobs to generate aggregated results. Data uploaded to the workflow will be routed between jobs and subsequent jobs are launched automatically creating a seamless process with little management by the user.  This article will go through the process of creating, launching and getting results from a Workflow.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager for access to this feature.

Create a Workflow

    1. Go to the “Workflows (Beta)” tab and click on the “Create Workflow” button
    2. Enter the name of the Workflow
    3. Next, add either ‘your jobs’ or ‘team jobs’ and filter based on project and tags.
      • Select the first job and add to the workflow. Repeat for additional jobs in the workflow
        1. Note: Please select and add one job at a time.
      • Once the jobs are selected, copies of existing jobs will be created and added to the Workflow
        • Note: The jobs copied to Workflow will copy job design, test questions, and job settings.
    4. Configure routing rules and connect jobs using logic
      • The routing options currently available are:
        • Route all rows (no logic used)
        • Route based on answers to a single condition
        • Route based on answers to multiple conditions
          • Note: Currently multiple conditions must be either all “And” or all “Or”
      • Answers routed will be based on the aggregation settings in each individual job. Currently “agg” and “all” are the only aggregation methods supported in Workflows.


Upload Data and Launch a Workflow

  1. Upload data to Workflow
    • Note: The data page will only display 100 rows of data but all rows uploaded to the job will be shown on the Launch page.
  2. Review the Workflow Launch page to review cost estimation and set the number of rows, price per judgment and judgments per row
  3. Launch Workflow
    • Note: There will be a 30 second delay before the Workflow is running when the launch can be canceled. 
    • You can order more additional rows from Launch page using “Order More Rows”


Get Results from a Workflow

  • Download aggregated report for the Workflow
    • Note: The report is the aggregate report of the all jobs in the Workflow
  • Download individual job reports which are available in the report page for each job

Workflow Management

The Workflow landing page shows a list of created Workflows, status’ and associated information. On this page:

  • Search for Workflows by name
  • See the Workflow status, cost, and available funds
  • Select the gear icon to:
    • Pause/Resume a Workflow
    • Cancel a Workflow
  • Hover over the info icon next to a job to view:
    • Workflow ID
    • Owner
    • Created at date

Important Notes:

  • This is a beta feature. Please report issues to
  • Finalize your job design and add test questions before adding the jobs to Workflow.
  • While adding jobs to Workflow, please don’t select multiple jobs to add them together. Add jobs sequentially.
  • The data page will only display 100 rows of data but the Launch page will show all rows uploaded.
  • Agg and All are the two aggregation methods supported.
  • Do not to change the job design or routing logic after the Workflow has been launched.

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